Thursday, September 22, 2011

IST195 Project - Blog Post 2

Security is a very important subject in a business. We always hear on the news about identity theft as well as company data systems being hacked. Both situations may ruin the reputation of the customer of the company. It will require a long period of time to fix this problem, both on fixing the area on how information was leaked, as well as on clearing the customer/company's name. Customers have the responsibility to ensure that their personal information such as their social security number is well protected, but businesses also need to ensure that their data system is secure and free from hacking.

In my business idea, it would require very personal information on our clients. This includes the client's travel documents, phone numbers, bank account numbers and much more. If fallen into the wrong hands, this information may destruct the lives of our clients as well as the business. To prevent this from happening, my business would need to have a system that not only processes and accesses client information quickly and efficiently, but it would also need to ensure that it does so safely and that there would be no way this information is breached out into public. Moreover, my business also holds the responsibility to ensure that our clients know that their information will be safely guarded in our system. We also hold the responsibility to remind our clients to beware of who they give their personal information to. This is the least that can be done from letting the personal information of our clients from leaking out into public.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

IST195 Project - Blog Post 1

The world is all about data. To access to data efficiently, there has to be a system that organizes data. Well spreadsheets are programs used to organize data. Information can be processed smoothly and data can be accessed easily with an efficient and organized system. Spreadsheets help create such a system for users to input and organize data systematically. 

In my business idea, it is crossed over with many industries. A travel agency business, has data on destinations, ticket pricing and contact information just to name a few. The airline industry such as airline information, flight times, travel times. The airport industry has to have information on airport locations, airline routes and aircraft information. This is only the surface of the business, there is so much more data to it like financial figures and client information. Using spreadsheet, all this data can be systematically organized. This makes it easy to review, edit and extract this data. Even usage of the application that I suggested, this data will most likely be uploaded into the internet. Data on a spreadsheet system will be accessed through cloud computing where clients can access their data systematically.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

IST195 Entrepreneurial Idea

Traveling itself can be a pain in the butt, let alone planning for a trip. Whenever we work on our own traveling itinerary, there are always things that we miss out. The idea that I have is a system that aids and eases the planning and traveling process.

Planning a trip through your travel agent can be annoying. Traveling to the travel agency requires traveling time and most people prefer to do their booking over the phone. Yet it is difficult to be on the same page with your travel agent and to pass on details through the phone over the phone. Other than booking your trip via your travel agent, there are also online travel agencies. Big online travel agency websites like Expedia and Orbitz always throw random links at you whenever you look up plane rides and hotel room vacancies. Rarely are you able to settle on your planning and booking on just one website. 

Most of the time, our traveling doesn't exactly go along with our itinerary. We are unable to find where to checkin, how much time we have to transit, where our transit gate, where we pick up our baggage is and the like. All these can take up time and delay us from our plan. Sometimes we wish we had a "GPS" that tells us what to do and where to go.

I want to build a system that is able to consolidate all the travel planning and travel itinerary all in one go. The system gives you a template and it enables you to makes all your bookings - bus tickets, ferry tickets, plane tickets, hotel bookings, car rental for example, on it. This template forms your itinerary. The itinerary includes directions on where to go, how to get there, as well as things you need to do. For example, someone needs to transit flights. The system will tell you where to clear customs, where you should pick up your baggage as well as where your transit gates is. This itinerary can be printed out or used on mobile devices.