Wednesday, September 14, 2011

IST195 Project - Blog Post 1

The world is all about data. To access to data efficiently, there has to be a system that organizes data. Well spreadsheets are programs used to organize data. Information can be processed smoothly and data can be accessed easily with an efficient and organized system. Spreadsheets help create such a system for users to input and organize data systematically. 

In my business idea, it is crossed over with many industries. A travel agency business, has data on destinations, ticket pricing and contact information just to name a few. The airline industry such as airline information, flight times, travel times. The airport industry has to have information on airport locations, airline routes and aircraft information. This is only the surface of the business, there is so much more data to it like financial figures and client information. Using spreadsheet, all this data can be systematically organized. This makes it easy to review, edit and extract this data. Even usage of the application that I suggested, this data will most likely be uploaded into the internet. Data on a spreadsheet system will be accessed through cloud computing where clients can access their data systematically.

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